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24 November 1999
Nice review of the somewhat massive Forum show in this week's NME. I forgot to say before that said gig was the Lips biggest ever show to their own crowd - the Forum was sold out, to 2200 people! Names on the guest list included Fatboy Slim, Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, Blur and Suede.

BTW: I think this reviewer went to a different Bowlie Weekender to the rest of us... Oh, and check page 29 for a cool Lips picture - now would that have looked cool on the cover last week or what??

22 November 1999
Some news on the plans for Music Against Brain Degeneration II:
The last report on possible acts involved the names Stereolab, Moby, Smog, Add N To X, Cibo Matto and Steve Malkmus (who reportedly said, "No, after I'm done with these last shows, I never want to tour again!!")

Wayne was hoping for mostly having 4 bands this time, as opposed to 5. As before, this may involve some people joining and leaving at various times. More details as they come.

20 November 1999
Check out this interview feature on Music365. This was done after the Fuji show in London the other week, and comes complete with RealVideo bits...

Also, check out DotMusic for more web-based Lips review stuff - Forum show from last week..

18 November 1999
It's NME poll time, and I'd like to suggest you vote for the Flaming Lips in as many categories as possible, but especially album of the year. Go to and do your stuff!

I don't think there's anything to stop non-UK votes, so get to it one and all!!

17 November 1999
Big interview in the NME this week. Not the hoped-for cover story, but still a decent-sized feature. Scary-looking photos with various Halloween props (including a big bloody brain).

Unfortunately, the NME seems to have largely forgotten that there's three people in this band!!

17 November 1999
Just got back from the UK tour. The week was pretty successful, with some seriously ecstatic audiences along the way.

In due course, we'll be bringing you a new part of the site all about the last week.

9 November 1999
Scott Booker
The US CD5 of Waitin' For A Superman will feature all three versions of Superman (Lips version, Mokran version, Radio edit) plus mixed down versions of Riding To Work In 2025 and 35,000 Feet Of Despair. It will also feature Quicktime Movies of both versions of the Superman video (full version, with blood, and TV version), the Race For The Prize video, and the Be My Head video.

They're filling this CD right up for you folks! It's probably coming late January time..

3 November 1999
Waitin' For A Superman is out next Monday (8 November)

Sorry, forgot to correct the date for that earlier. All the versions of the videos are now at the Tantalizor

3 November 1999
Mara Schwartz
The Lips are on the new edition of the DVD magazine 'Circuit'. All good stuff, with some musical improv recorded in OKC's Hilton Hotel and the 'Big Ol' Bug Is The New Baby Now' (from Zaireeka) in a mixed down format as well as the separate tracks from the 4 cds.

I hear from around the place that this is pretty interesting, and "a good use of the DVD format". If you've got the kit, check it out...

3 November 1999
Scott Booker
MABD2 is coming next February - some good acts are in the running for this. Oh yes indeed.

Sorry, forgot to correct the date for that earlier.

3 November 1999
Recording for "Later... with Jools Holland" went well last night. Much theramin and gong action from Wayne, plus some butterflies and no small amount of bafflement from the studio audience... check it out on Saturday night!!

Sir Paul McCartney was having himself a little bop to Race For The Prize. It went down generally well, with Wayne being as entertaining as ever....

2 November 1999
Mark Schaper
National Public Radio just ran a nice eight minute piece on the band on 11/01/99. You can listen to it here:

Don't know much about this.

31 October 1999
For those UK folk who haven't bought a TV guide yet this week, the 'Later..' appearance is going to be broadcast on Saturday. The programme starts at 11.25pm on BBC2.

Also appearing are Travis and Paul McCartney, and maybe Buffalo Tom.

25 October 1999
It's 10.30pm here in England, and the live set from Liverpool is still due on Radio 1 tonight..... also Xfm were playing last Friday's Sound Republic set earlier.

Sorry for the lack of warning, it's been a long weekend. My liver hurts now.

25 October 1999
The Flaming Lips will definitely be recording for BBC2s 'Later..' next Tuesday (2 November). I think this goes out either next Friday or the one after?

The Fuji TV broadcast went well - great show, including a revamped Lightning Strikes The Postman (sung through the megaphone) and a space-age Over The Rainbow. Theramin-tastic.

21 October 1999
Further news on Saturday's show - it starts 2pm sharp, so get there in plenty of time (doors open at 1pm). For those without reserved tickets, there may well be some left on the day.....

This is actually being beamed across the world for live broadcast to Japan.

21 October 1999
Wayne is on Xfm RIGHT NOW! 8pm til 9pm....

Sorry I didn't let you know sooner. It was kind of last minute!

16 October 1999
For those around the London area, there's a chance to see the Lips for free next Saturday (23 October). They're doing a show, which is being recorded for Japanese TV, at the Astoria at 2pm.

Details now available here..

10 October 1999
George Salisbury
Both versions of the video for Waitin For A Superman are now available to download at the Tantalizor

Enjoy. You'll need Quicktime 4, available at

4 October 1999
Joe Janecek
Apparently, The Lips slot on HBO's Reverb is due to be aired on 9 November. The time is 11:30 ET/PT. See

Brian Wilson appears on this show too - this is where Wayne interviewed him, but we'll see if any of that makes the show...

3 October 1999
Superman video not yet available at the Tantalizor, for your viewing pleasure. This is because it needs rediting to make it network acceptable. Too much blood apparently!!! Seems you can have all the explosions you want in a video, but not blood.

This video is blindingly good. Michael Ivins was on holiday when it was made, before the conspiracy theories about his absence begin!

26 September 1999
Free Trade Agency
Additional date for the UK Tour - Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall on 11 November.

Keep an eye on the tour dates page for extra things popping up here and there...

24 September 1999
George Salisbury
Editing of the video for Waitin' For A Superman was completed last night. Check out some stills at:

George plans to post a Quicktime version of the whole video soon. In the meantime, entertain yourself with this: - you need Quicktime 4

24 September 1999
Scott Booker
"We have a bunch of plans coming up for the week of 21-25 October. These include a live show at Liverpool on 25 October for the BBC Radio 1 Sound City shows. A show in London that is filmed for Japanese TV on October 23 (I still don't know details yet). It also looks like we'll be filming a "Later" show on the 2 November."

Scott is also getting married on 16 October...

15 September 1999
Scott Booker
More Superman news: "There will be a CD5 for Superman released in the USA with videos for Superman and Race for The Prize on it, plus b-sides that we haven't figured out yet..."

The video is in the process of being made: check out these pictures from the shoot...

4 September 1999
Scott Booker
With the band on their way out of Norway, Scott reports that the post-Reading shows have been good, although the band are now rather tired....

As I write, Copenhagen to be played today and then it's home to think about making that video...

2 September 1999
Toni Young
Waitin' For A Superman will be released in the UK on 25 October. The band play at Radio 1's Sound City on the same day.

B-sides to the (two part) single will be the remaining parts (discs 3 and 4) of Riding To Work in 2025, and 35,000ft Of Despair - discs 1 and 2 (from Zaireeka) appeared on the Race For The Prize singles.

30 August 1999
New tour dates for France and England in November.
Update on Lips plans - when they get back after the current Euro Festival Tour, they'll be having a slow-ish month making a video for Waitin For A Superman. Then it all begins again with some press time in London and the next lot of touring.

Reading went off well, as did Lowlands and Pukkelpop. The band are now looking forwards to their first ever visit to Norway, as well as the remaining gigs this week.

23 August 1999
Finished the transcription of the Q&A from May. Enjoy...

Sorry it took so long - let's just say it doesn't always work like it's supposed to do...

18 August 1999
Joe Janecek
Yahoo Broadcast Services will be netcasting a recent live Lips show on Monday. See for details.

Some other stuff to check out - Boston Phoenix and Philadelphia Weekly

13 August 1999
Tyler Ley
Wayne is planning to do his first 35mm music video for Superman.

Apparently this will happen once the current bout of touring is over...

11 August 1999
Scott Booker
London show: 10 November, at the Forum

See tour news for details.

28 July 1999
Dave Liljengren
There are now 14 Flaming Lips Photos by Damien M. Jones and Justin Dylan Renney at this address. This is all we got. They will be up there permanently:

These pictures are beautiful. Go see.

26 July 1999
George has run off a Quicktime 4 movie of the lips on the local OKC TV news. Check it out.

This is good fun. The TV people are trying so hard to be with it...

20 July 1999
Tyler Ley
oh yeah...Wayne is supposed to be working on a version of God Walks for the headphones concerts...all I can say is LET THE EARTH BE WARNED!!!

Tyler doesn't know how accurate this claim is... but it sounds quite far out eh?

20 July 1999
Scott Booker
The news from the Music Against Brain Degeneration tour is, "everything is going great - we've been selling out all the shows..."

The tour schedule has now been updated. More news as it comes - it's been quiet cos I took a holiday...

20 June 1999
Race For The Prize charted at #39 today in the UK singles Top 40.

Now, view the video in Quicktime.

18 June 1999
Scott Booker
Confirmed tour dates for the 1999 International Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue. There'll be more soon too, so be patient.

Also there's the Parking Lot Experiment at Roskilde in the first week of July - here's the postcard...

11 June 1999
Scott Booker
The Race For The Prize video is on MTVs rotation in Europe. Playing on Alternative Nation et al. Now, view the video in Quicktime.

Don't forget the single is on sale this Monday - June 14.

10 June 1999
The horse's mouth(s)
The band were over in London last week, and on June 8 they did a Peel Session (for Radio 1) with three entirely new songs: "We Can't Predict The Future"; "It Remained Unrealizable"; "The Switch That Turns Off The Universe".

This will most likely be broadcast in a couple of weeks.

2 June 1999
Scott Booker
Some photos from the filming of the video for Race For The Prize.

Hitting UK screens in the very near future....

30 May 1999
John Kennedy's excellent 'Xposure' programme on Xfm will be broadcasting an interview and session from the Lips today.

The session songs are 'Feeling Yourself Disintegrate' and 'The Spiderbite Song'

29 May 1999
Tyler Ley
KSPI the station here in Stillwater, OK is playing The Soft Bulletin in it's entirety this Sunday at 6pm... they are broadcasting on the web at:
Wayne is also supposed to be doing a morning DJ session with this guy Ferris O'Brien (he's from the SPI) sometime in the future...

That main broadcast was on Sunday 30 May, sorry if the news was too late!

26 May 1999
Scott Booker
Wayne has been working hard on the video for Race For The Prize; the band will be making another trip to the UK to do lotsa press in the week preceeding the single release.

Photos from that video shoot will soon follow on this site.

25 May 1999
The Soft Bulletin appeared at No39 in the CIN Album Chart for last week. (UK of course)

I wonder where it would've been if record shops hadn't been too daft to order enough copies?

24 May 1999
Scott Booker
Race For The Prize got on the B list for Radio 1 last Friday. The B-sides for the UK release will be Riding To Work In 2025 and 35,000ft Of Despair. Both will be split across the two cds that always get released over here, to be played simultaneously. A la Zaireeka, but smaller scale.

The reappearance of the Zaireeka songs is down to the fact that it was never released over here in the UK. And it costs a fortune to buy on import. The single is released on 14 June.

18 May 1999
Did I mention that they're playing at the Reading/Leeds festival this year? Last day, second stage, second to last. Screens, puppets, gongs, confetti and all.

Oh, and "Race For The Prize" will be out in the UK on 14 June.

B-sides to be confirmed, but there are a number of songs from the album sessions, plus the possiblity of a UK airing for some Zaireeka tracks (across 2 cds).

17 May 1999
The album is out today and here's what they're saying: "As an example of the sheer depth of possibilities that music can offer, they're currently unbeatable. 9 out of 10 stars."   --NME May '99
Numerous other respected magazines have been piling on the plaudits, download this MP3 and find out why.

You can read some more quotes, and what I'm saying about the record in the discography

14 May 1999
Parking Lot Experiment At Roskilde. The Flaming Lips will be appearing at Denmark's Roskilde festival to perform their Parking Lot Experiment this summer. This follows the band's stated intentions to continue to put variety and entertainment into their public performances.

The good news is that you can expect to see more of the Parking Lot Experiments, Boombox Experiments, and Headphone Concerts in the future. And there's the possibility (eventuality?) of some rather scary hybrids....

4 May 1999
Catch up time. Electric Ballroom gig: mindblowing success. Bowlie Weekender show: I quote Stuart David bass player of Belle And Sebastian, "So did anybody have their lives changed by the Flaming Lips last night? This is a new song, but it's not as good as the Flaming Lips." He was right. The gory details will follow soon, along with the photos of before/during/after.

For those in the US who are ravenous to see the show - watch out for the "Flaming Lips Revue" this summer. Confirmed acts to play a club tour with the Lips are Sebadoh and Robyn Hitchcock. Likely to fill the other two slots are Mogwai and Cornelius. Everyone gets 40ish minutes to play, you get your minds blown. A little background can be found here.

Look out for that Evening Session this week - Lamacq is airing a track or so a day from the session recorded on April 21. Also watch out for sessions on Xfm and GLR.

Oh and note that the release date for the UK record has been revised, belatedly - due to my laziness...

15 April 1999
The band will be answering questions from you lot out there, sometime in the next couple of weeks. Just email yr q's to by Tuesday 27 April

For those who have asked when the band are coming to your town, local venue, etc., please stop 'cos it's not very interesting!

15 April 1999
Scott Booker
The band are recording for Steve Lamacq's Evening Session on 21 April. That's on Radio 1 in the UK, for those who don't know...

I think that's a for playing on air later thing, but I could be wrong.

12 April 1999
Joe Janecek
Free show at the Missouri Derby in Columbia, MO this Saturday - April 17th. The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices, BR5-49, and RubberRoom are playing at the South Quad of the University of Mo - Columbia Campus.

The above concert is absolutely FREE! For more information call 573/882-3780, during regular business hours. More dates on the tour news page.

11 April 1999
Me (Drew)
Just some site news - some great pics of the Headphone Concerts now online. Plus you can ask the band a question by emailing in over the next two weeks, and we'll go through em when they're over here in the UK later this month.

More stuff happening to the site soon. Oh yes indeedy.

6 April 1999
Scott Booker
Actual release date for the US version of The Soft Bulletin: 22 June.
Also, the Lips are going to be Mercury Rev's special guests on their UK tour. See tour news for dates.
Finally, Buggin' is going to be on the sountrack of the new Austin Powers movie (The Spy Who Shagged Me).

Note that the UK shows won't be Headphone Concerts, but they are bringing all the other fun gear. Oh, and watch for some more US dates soon.

30 March 1999
Release date for the UK version of The Soft Bulletin: 10 May. Also, at the Bowlie weekender, the Lips are filling the main second stage slot on Saturday night. This slot follows the one from Kevin Shields on the same stage.

The NME also mentions the rumour that Shields will be backed by a band made up of members of the Lips and Mercury Rev. Which is interesting because I also heard a rumour that the Lips are joining Mercury Rev on their UK tour in May...

28 March 1999
Scott Booker
So you know, the UK shows in April won't be Headphone Concerts. Next time...

We have funny laws about FM band use here you know...

25 March 1999
Joe Janecek
Another review covering the SXSW show this time.

By the way, Joe did some work on his lips site - new stuff on the album and shows.

24 March 1999
Now at kingwho is a review of the first headphone concert.

This a great piece written by Simon Peter. Feel the excitement.

24 March 1999
There's a short video chronicle of the Boombox Experiments on M2 on Sunday 4 April at 10pm GMT. This slot is 30 minutes long.

M2 is MTVs second channel in Europe. See the April Schedule for details.

21 March 1999
Joe Janecek
According to the Spin website, they're gonna webcast last night's party from SXSW. That means you can see the Lips on the Web on 27/3/1999.

More details (like a time!) as and when I can find them out....

20 March 1999
So, 'The World's First Headphone Concerts'? The shows in Texas were a success by all accounts, and we'll be giving you some full on description, pictures and so on in the next couple of weeks.

While you wait for the gory details of this multimedia frenzy, here's some concepts to ponder: short range FM transmission and radio walkmans; lurid video montage, lasers and miniature cameras; Steven always playing keyboards or guitars, sometimes while he's playing drums on screen; glove puppets, gongs and video feedback.........

18 March 1999
John F. Monroe
The US release date for The Soft Bulletin would appear to be 8 June, according to the few promos that are now in circulation.

No news on a UK date yet - although it is still expected to be earlier than in the US...

14 March 1999
Scott Booker
Dates for the UK: Thurs April 22 show at the Electric Ballroom... followed by an appearance at the Bowlie Weekender a couple of days later.

Also, there's a flyer for the Texas shows. You'll see these shows are being billed as the "World's first Headphone concerts". Don't ask, you'll just have to wait and see what they're up to - it's a surprise!

13 November 1998
Scott Booker
The compilation "1984-1990" actually came out today on Restless.

I quote: "Woo - wee!!"

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